Scott Abrams – I am a moron. I am also an actor, writer and director.

From a very early age, I was most comfortable in front of an audience. Onstage or off, backstage or in the crowd, performance became my passion and my pursuit. As an actor, then a director, a writer and an instructor; theater, theater arts, improvisational comedy and public presentation have been the foundation upon which I have built every performance and professional endeavor of my life.I have worked in theater, film, television, and radio.

I now mean to better cultivate a passion for writing. From posts about the process to the finished pieces, I mean to inspire and be inspired. Read, comment, question or critique; I ask for nothing in return but your time, attention and honesty; all very valuable commodities. If you find value in witnessing, and therefore participating in this process and are inclined to donate, please do. If you don’t feel the inclination or can’t afford it, then don’t, I’m glad you’re here. Please feel free to make yourself comfortable.